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Beach - "Punta dell'Eughe"

Offers several opportunities and services for bathing for an unforgettable experience to live the sea, as well as several occasions for night life with musicians and artists under the stars. Find out more on Facebook Punta dell'Eughe.

Archaeological Area of Metaponto

The history of Metaponto or, better say, Metapontum, goes back to the ancient Greek colonies in the Mediterranean Sea. The coast becomes host for one of the biggest colonies, known as Magna Grecia. To revive the history of Metapontum, the National Archaeological Museum, through a selection of finds recently acquired, proposes a paint of the landscape, starting from Prehistory up to late-ancient era. For further information check out the web page of the Department of Goods and Cultural Activities for Basilicata region.

Scavi archeologici di Metaponto - Tempio di Apollo Licio

The "Angel's flight"

Biggest in Europe within its genre, the Angel's Flight is a breathtaking experience linking two little villages. Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are placed on two different, side-by-side mountains, and linked together by a robust iron wire attached to whom it is possible to travel, alone or in couple, moved by the only weight of yours, like a long flight with several feet underneath at high speed. The massiveness of the mountains and the beneath flora can be stared at at dozens of feet of elevation for a unique experience calling in countless tourists from all over the Europe. Find out more on

Parco della Foresta Grancìa, Brindisi di Montagna PZ

Sassi di Matera

Houses and Churches hides within the Sassi of Matera, literally Stones. UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sassi offer a beautiful landscape even better looking at sunset. The two neighborhoods, Caveoso and Barisano, tell the ancient history of Matera and its inhabitants of the past millenniums. More at

Sassi di Matera

Grancìa Forest National Park

Deep into the natural landscape of Brindisi di Montagna, the Grancia National Park is the first in Italy. A walk throughout the woods leads to a wide theater where, at summertime, you can assist to the "Storia Bandita" short, a great representation showing the farm revolutions in Basilicata, passed to history as Brigantaggio. The historical and cultural tradition of a whole community is told in a fantastic place where cinema, musical and theater met in a stage of more than 200 square feet. Extraordinary effects from art and nature brings to strong emotions. In this fantastic picture, also internationally recognized concerts contributing to give value to a natural area of big fashion. Find out more in the section Foresta Grancìa of the Basilicata Agency for Tourism.

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