Feast for San Bernardino da Siena

August 7-23

The Saint's feast is one of the major cultural events of the area, calling in people from the several confining regions as from the rest of Italy and more. Also is one of the more lasting celebrations, for about two weeks, full of religious, sportive, musical and singing appointments. With its events, offers to citizens and tourists the possibility not only o reviving the momentums of the Saint's life, but to go deeply into the revival of the most important momentum of the life of Bernalda, back then Camarda.

Events are enriched with lots of groups from all around the country to enrich the days bringing their local cultural contribute. The top of the celebration falls on August 23, the Tradition Day, when the historic cortege parades with knights, flag bearers, trumpeter and sharpshooters from all over Italy, along with the banners of the local authorities. All this escort the court of King Carl III, its squires and Templar Knights. At the end of the ceremony, a big firework downtown.

Check out the detailed syllabus on the Organizing Committee.

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